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  • Tyson (2009)

    As the former assistant manager of Mike Tyson I was shocked at the lies and fabrications Mike told in this movie. I was asked to screen this documentary by ESPN which owns the rights to most of the various Tyson fight videos used in the movie. I was more interested in what Mike had to say. The lies he told were: 1. He was always an addict 2. He was always an alcoholic 3. He always had demons 4. Managers Jacobs and Cayton signed him when he was underage 5. Managers Jacobs and Cayton were slave masters It is obvious that Mike's new manager, Harlan Werner, is just as devious as Robin Givens, Don King and Shelly Finkel, the people responsible for Mike going from being the world's most popular athlete (1987 European AP poll) to the bum of the century. In this film Mike completely ignores the period, 1985-1988. when he was a super hero with original managers Bill Cayton and Jim Jacobs. During that time he was the darling of corporate America as evidenced by his being hired to do network TV commercials for Pepsi Cola, Nintendo Video and Kodak Film. Not enough - he was hired by the New York City Police Department, the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration to do PSA's. The Police and FBI do not usually hire people to act as role models who are addicts or who have demons. (Please see link below for photos of these campaigns)

    Trailer Tyson

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